Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mandy's Veggies

Vegetable Garden Plan 2014
This will go to the left of the back patio.
Now, I need to figure out what kind of materials I will use to build it!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bitsy Lou

This is Bitsy Lou...a four month old American Mastiff. Last weekend I was able to stop for a visit at Five B Ranch to see my friend  Lisa and spend more time with her Mastiffs. Bosco, the male Mastiff posted below will be the daddy of the puppy I have been wanting for over a year now. My husband and I have taken our time discerning the right breed of dog for our family. Gentle with children being our priority. :) Here is my sister in law Heather who is truly a dog expert. I took her to meet this family of dogs to see if she approved. She loved them! :)
I look forward to having my new puppy for our home this spring!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Good morning all,
 I was just thinking about you and  praying for you today.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We jumped for joy and hugged at the site of the framing anchors in place. I couldn't stop bursting out with spontaneous hugs for Jake. We held hands and walked through the "front door" looking at the size of each room together. I felt like kissing my back patio. How many years have I stepped off imaginary patio sizes in the evenings after the kids had gone to bed?!! I used to like to take the garden hose and then place it in the shape of my imaginary patio... walk the width and length...picture my outdoor table there and see if I liked it...then alter it and try all over again. Gosh, years of fun dreaming have gone by and now...NOW to see the actual form of it made me tear up and cry.

My Tuscany Idea

This is my sketch of how I would like to arrange the Cypress. Long tables can be arranged down the center for the Mid Summer Nights Dream parties.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big Truck

Its actually happening folks!
Levi, Justice and Mommy went to watch them set up.
The concrete guy is funny. He told me story after unsolicited story about hunting with bows and rifles and how good his old cat was at catching gophers and mice!

Its kinda refreshing to be around good ol' boys sometimes...
but that being said I wasn't quite comfortable either...wished Jake was there so I could stay longer. :)
The kids and I headed back home to finish laundry and chores before their much needed naps.
Good luck concrete guys! We're praying for you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Revised Veggie Garden

Because we can see now that the lawn will slope away from the house...the veggie garden will be a satellite, instead of being grown in the keyhole of a patio.

Plumbing roughed in

Apple tree today

We went out to the land today to check on the house. The plumbing has been "roughed in" and we could see how wide and deep the porch will be. It made me jump for joy to see the two pipes for the outdoor "Capp Bar". I could not ask for more in life. A wonderful husband, children and a cappuccino bar on a welcoming porch!

Pizza for lunch after Mass and a visit to "The Land"


The "Dolly Parton" rose bloomed and smelled so sweet today!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A "Production Red"...very productive...not very smart.
Will lay eggs while on a ladder roost! :)
"Smokey Joe"
The horn of the "Long" :)


The prized Longhorn meat...I was so excited to see it all packaged up.
 It will taste AMAZING I am sure!!!

Aunt Bebe with Levi

Awww babies...Mocha and Indy.
"Aunt Bebe? Aunt Bebe? Aunt Bebe?"
Tons of questions from Levi. :)
Conan made a cool coop by the back door...the chickens love being up on the shady might as well make them a spot to "set". :)
Indy and her Momma.


Drove down to Aunt Bebe's today to visit and pick up some Longhorn meat...a couple of the babies were right there at the fence as I pulled up. I had to hop out and take a few pictures!!
Moments later I could hear Bebe laughing and coming around the corner...
"They are such pretty babies. Aren't they." :)

Standing in the hole Daddy dug for the peach. :)