Wednesday, February 11, 2015


"Miny" 2/2/15
Pure white tiniest male yet! Born a few days ago: 175.00


"Moe" 2/2/15
 Glass-eyed beautiful coated male: 175.00

     "Cream" 1/14/15: RESERVED                                          "Cookies"1/21/15:
            Glass-eyed female: 350.00                      Brown-eyed grey and white male: 175.00                                   

                             "Bubbles" 1/18/15                                          "Peaches" 1/14/15
Glass-eyed sweet personality male: 175.00          Glass-Eyed  peach male: 175.00

              "Donner"1/18/15                                                   "Blitzen"1/18/15
Glass-Eyed light peach male: 175.00              Glass-Eyed brightest white male: 175.00

                "Duke" 1/21/15                                        "Chocolate Star" 1/18/15 RESERVED
 Creamy male with white star on crown: 175.00       Latte Brown Glass-Eyed female: 350.00

"Mr. Tumnus" is the young daddy of all these babies. He throws gorgeous stock. 
He is short and white and rearing to go.

Mr. Tumnus in action