Monday, January 11, 2016

Last view on barn day

With his cake

Happy Jake

New mini donkeys, Jack and Diane

Radley and Zoe visit and are Baptized

Paxton Baby

Though he is a bugger he does give kisses

Laughed some more.

And laughed and...

He laughed!!

So Natalie and I went and told Willie about the rat...

We ALL had to see the rat we had killed!!!


Little Nellie

Kate and Yancys visit

Finally sharing coffee again. I miss my sister 💕

Spending the night with Mare

Pancakes with Nana Mare

Sweet kids 2015

Lovely Christmas Mass

Christmas Day. Bebe made a model of Willie

Bebe and Rufus. Lonny's puppy

Jim and Kelly out for a walk

Rosalie's first lemon from her tree

Bubba sick on his birthday

Dreaming about a barn

Bebes model

Abe and Tiger

Abe and I