Thursday, February 27, 2014

Levi trying the dried fish. :)

I am not sure if I liked the fish!

Thanks for sending my shirt back Nat...
I am sure Jeremiah will be thrilled...Jake, not so much. ;)
I will pass it back to you when he gets tired of it again!!
I love this shirt!!!

Fish snack? Arrived from Japan

5 days left :)

Five days until we move into our new home... I am so thankful and excited. To finally live on land...I truly cannot believe it. Thank you Jesus. Please help me clean and prepare this home peacefully as I get ready to move to the next.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Three :)

    Pepper                                   Sunshine                                 Willow

    Eulalie Mackenie Schinn           Karol                                      Ginger

    Oscar                                     Minty                                      Rainbow

Jovi :)

Week Two

    Pepper                                   Eulalie Mackenie Schinn          Karol

    Sunshine                                 Oscar                                      Minty

    Willow                                   Ginger                                      Rainbow


Say sod!!

We had a wonderful day at the land today...laying sod and mulching the plants. It took the entire day from sun up to sun down to lay it all but we finally have the landscaping in!
The sun felt great and it was great to come home with tan arms and faces. :)
Uncle David helped us lay sod, Aunt Kathy came yesterday and helped rake the yard...and we had Nana Mare, Pops, Shawn, Marilisa, Bridget, Bailey, Seamus and Bernadette stop by for a visit. 
The kids enjoyed the break from sodding and zip lined for a little while. :)
The chickens are getting too big for their box...a coop has to be made soon. And oh !! The cappuccino bar is coming along on the back patio...I am so excited about this space...I dream of serving many a mocha over that counter!!!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Bacis kennel floor so far. Working on fence panels now.

I also thought I would build an outdoor kennel for "Baci" (the Mastiff puppy we are getting). I figured if I made it look really nice and neat and professional Jake would be pleased. I laid 900lbs of Red Austin Stone for the floor and mounted posts on the walls for a picket fence. I had never mounted screws into mortar before and they were not taught like I had wanted them to be. Dwayne, our friend is going to secure the posts for me this week so that I can build the fence and gate. Jake was pleased with my efforts...and liked the little patio. :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

After Mass in Austin...we found a sweet Mom and Pop Italian restaurant that had one of my favorite Shirley Temple movies on when we walked in. The pizza was the best I have had in the States...and was very authentically European with the delicate crust and hand cut ingredients. The kids were well behaved and the shop owner complimented them on their manners.
I love when we can enjoy a meal out together!!!