Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two more apples...

Oh would be amazed at all we planted two days ago. Remember when I told you that I placed that huge order for the trees and shrubs? Well, on Wednesday we planted 2 apples, 8 grapes, 10 poplar, 12 cherry blossom, 10 canadian hemlock, 10 hardy lavender, 4 maple, 1 white oak, 50 rose bushes, and 10 white dogwoods. We thought maybe it would take us 3 did not...try 7. :) 
The boys worked so hard helping us. They are saving money to buy an ipod and so were more than happy to earn 25-50 cents a plant...depending on the task. I think they each earned around 20 dollars that day!! 
The little kids had fun too. Their sweet big cousin Michael was in from college for the holidays and he and the little people kept the fire stoked and stacked. 

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