Monday, November 16, 2015

We went in the little original door I had read about in my books...I was so excited to see it!...and a kind man showed us the back way to Padre Pio's original alter. He let me and Dad put our hands where Padre Pio put his hands!! He let us go the back way though the building until we were down in the crypt!!! I couldn't believe we were there!!! I knelt at the black coffin wondering if Padre Pio was inside, confused by the hurried tour we had been given... I asked Padre Pio if he was in there. Right then I felt a heavy, perfectly secure warm feeling between me...around me and coming from the presence of Padre Pio sitting cross legged on the edge of the coffin. That is truly how clear it felt. My soul could see him I guess!! I asked him if we could have more time in person like this to talk later. I felt him say yes! Then the heavy wonderful sensation left and the air felt normal again.

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